Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and Moscow State University (MSU)



(Moscow, August 24 - 28, 2004)

of Ljudmila Vsevolodovna Keldysh
(March 12, 1904 - February 16, 1976)

Scopes and Themes

The conference will cover the areas of L.V. Keldysh’s scientific interests as well as some modern development in geometry and topology. There will be four sections:
  • Geometric Topology (A.V. Chernavsky , E.V. Shchepin)
  • Set Theory (V.V. Fedorchouk, V.G. Kanovei, V.A. Lyubetsky)
  • Topology of Low Dimensions (S.V. Matveev, I.A. Dynnikov)
  • Combinatorial geometry and algebraic topology (V.M. Buchstaber)

Ljudmila Vsevolodovna Keldysh was an eminent mathematician. She first worked in Descriptive Set Theory (being a member of the celebrated Lusitania - a mathematiciancommunity grouped around N.N. Lusin), and then, from the 50's, in the domain of Geometric Topology.
Her main result in Descriptive Theory consists in the full analysis of the Borel sets, including the construction of arithmetic examples for all effectively given transfinites.
In Topology, she is the author of the well known examples of open null-dimensional mapping of the Menger curve onto cubes and open monotone mappings of cubes onto cubes of higher dimension. This work stimulated many further studies.
In the last period of her life L.V. Keldysh conducted a seminar inGeometric Topology, which has markedly influenced modern state of the field.

Organizing and Scientific Committee


Sergey Novikov (RAS)


A.V. Chernavsky (MSU), V.N. Chubarikov (MSU), E.V. Shchepin (Steklov Institute)


V.M. Buchshtaber (Steklov Inst.), A.N. Dranishnikov (Steklov Inst. and Univ. of Florida), V.G. Kanovei (IPPI), V.A. Lyubetsky (IPPI), A.A. Maltsev (Steklov Inst.), S.V. Matveev (Chelyabinsk SU), M.A. Shta’nko (Steklov Inst.), A.B. Sossinsky (Nezavissimy Univ.), V.A.Vassilyev (Steklov Inst.), O. Viro (Steklov Inst. Petersbourg), M. Farber (UK), L. Kauffman (USA), V. Poenaru (France), D. Repovs (Slovenia), C. Rourke (UK), L.C. Siebenmann (France), H. Zieschang (Germany).

Conference Secretariat

S.A. Melikhov,  T.E. Panov,  N.E. Dobtinskaya, R.V. Mikhailov, A.N. Yakivchik.

Conference Format

  • Invited one-hour speakers for the General Plenary Sessions (by the invitation from the Organizing and Scientific Committee)
  • Invited 45-min speakers for the Thematic Plenary Sessions (by the invitation from the Organizers of the Thematic Sessions)
  • Contributed 20-min talks (by the selection of the Organizers of the Thematic Sessions)

Correspondence and Information

Postal Addresses: LVKeldysh-100 Conference, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkin str. 8, 119991, Moscow, Russia
Electronic Address:
Languages: Russian, English

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Invited One-Hour Speakers
for the General Plenary Sessions



Sergey Novikov (Moscow, Russia) Discrete connections on simplicial manifolds
Laurent Siebenmann (Orsay, France) From Schoenflies 1902 to Chernavsky 1973 - some milestones in codimension 1 manifold topology
Frank Quinn (Blacksburg, USA) Controlled and low-dimensional topology, and a theorem of Keldysh
Nigel Ray (Manchester, England) The rise of diagrams in homotopy theory
Jan Mycielski (Boulder,USA) Set-theoretic foundations from a Hilbertian point of view
Hugh Morton (Liverpool, England) The meridian map and its eigenvectors in HOMFLY skein theory
Mitrofan Choban {Republic of Moldova) On some problems of the descriptive set theory in topological spaces
Alexey Chernavsky (Moscow, Russia) Works of L.V. Keldysh and her seminar

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